Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Austin laughed for the first time yesterday. A full-fledged-no-doubt-about-it-belly-laugh. 
He had just woken up for the day, and was all smiles. He was grinning really big, and had his tongue sticking out, which made me laugh. Then he followed suit. He started laughing. I was laughing. He kept laughing. We were laughing at each other's laughs!
It lasted a whole 5 seconds, maybe. Then he stopped, and just smiled.
I've been trying ever since to make him laugh again. Making silly sounds, funny faces. He isn't buying it. 

I can't wait until he laughs all the time. Remember when he started smiling?
We watched some youtube videos at a friend's house the other day, they made me laugh. Watch them and laugh, here and here.

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