Wednesday, December 12, 2012

5 Months

Austin has discovered that he has hands and fingers. It is funny to watch him sit and just stare at his hands; opening and closing them, and turning them back to front, and then back. He does this mostly when he is eating.

He started sitting up this last month, and has gotten to the point where he can sit for only a minute or so without toppling over. We stack up pillows behind him, and toys in front, and he is good for at least a little while. 

His hair is getting out of control! I anticipate a haircut, or at least a trim in the next couple of days. 

Austin got sick for the first time. He wasn't really interested in eating, and his temperature reached 103. He was always tired but couldn't sleep; his stuffy nose and cough made it hard for him to breathe during naps and at night.

He weighs 16 lbs. 12 oz.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Life Lately

...according to Aaron's iPhone.

1. funny faces in the mirror never get old / 2. tuckered out / 3. our awesome friend cait
4. gold trees / 5. vibrant utah falls / 6. pumpkin carving
7. raised by wolves / 8. baby bear / 9. look how long that hair is!!!
10. mustache / 11. date night / 12. 8+ inches of snow
13. practice / 14. wearing dad's hat / 15. birthday candles and mango ice cream

Monday, November 12, 2012

4 months

The stats are in!
Austin weighs 15 lbs. 12 oz. as of yesterday, and is 25 inches long.

Our doctor's appointment yesterday went well, as well as it can when you get 4 shots. He has a little fever, and is a little more fussy today, but that is to be expected. I can't get him to swallow the tylenol this morning, he spits it out.

We found out the reason for his diaper rash, and the weird bumps and dry patches all over his body. Baby eczema and very sensitive skin. We were told to treat with aquaphor or some other type of lotion that is more like a cream, preferably unscented. It's the rash/bumps/eczema that makes him rub his eyes all the time, because it is so dry. Then because he rubs, it makes it drier. Which makes him rub more! Almost every day he has a new scratch between his eyes from his razor sharp nails. We have started putting socks on his hands again when he sleeps.

Ever since he's gotten this diaper rash his sleep has gone out the door. The last 2 weeks he has woken up every 2-3 hours at night; back to newborn schedule. Now that we've got the diaper rash under control, we are hoping he goes back to sleeping through the night, or only waking up once.

We can start rice cereal and then fruits and veggie solids whenever we want between now and 6 months. We tried the rice cereal last night. He hated it. We gave him some bananas a few days ago, and he loved them, but have come to find out that bananas and apples make babies constipated... He's gone 4 days without pooping, watch out!

Austin is still not a fan of tummy time. But, we have found out (thanks to the diaper rash) that he likes it a lot better naked; guess he likes the breezy feeling.

He fits into 6 month clothes already! SO BIG! It's a good thing, because almost all of the 3-6 month clothes he got were short sleeved. It's always fun when they fit into a different outfit.  When they only have a few that fit, they can get old dirty really fast.

Austin loves to stand. If you pull him up from laying down, he almost always goes straight to standing rather than sitting up. He'll lock his legs so sitting isn't even an option. He has started to like sitting in his bumbo chair; he would much rather sit in it than lay on the floor. When his diaper rash was at it's worst, you could forget even setting him down at all. He would scream any time you weren't holding him. It didn't matter that you were right next to him, or still in sight across the room, he wanted to be held. That was hard for about a week

This boy is a talker! He will coo back to you, and just keep going and going. He is the most vocal baby that I know. Sundays are fun, trying to keep him quiet. If he isn't sleeping, he is talking to the person behind us, or beside us, or to himself. High pitched screams of delight are in there sometimes.

He laughs and smiles all the time. I am so glad that I have such a happy baby. Usually his laughs turn into high pitched noises. I love when he laughs, he throws his head back and chuckles. It makes me feel like I am really funny.

He is still a momma's boy, but is warming up to Aaron. Aaron can finally get him to laugh. Let's just say, I'm a lot funnier.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We didn't end up dressing up this year, instead we threw a little get together with some close friends.
Chili and cornbread were eaten, and pumpkins were carved.

We hope you had a spooooky day!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DIY Moby Wrap

This is super easy, but it takes a LOT of fabric. So before you make one, figure out how much it will cost to buy the fabric (mine was $12.99/yd before my 60% off coupon at Joann's. So in the end it was $26 for two wraps). If you can't get some for a good price, it might be worth it to just buy one (I've seen them at target for a little less than $50).

Here is what you need:
5-6 yards of stretchy knit fabric
Sewing machine and thread (optional)
1 sleeping baby (recommended)

Basically all you do is lay out your fabric, and cut it down the middle *hot dog style, and wah-lah, you have two wraps! You can leave it like this, because knit doesn't fray, it just rolls up a little on the edges.

But...I decided to go one step further and make this a bit harder on myself (only because I got this cool new double needle and wanted to try it out). It is great for knits. The front looks like two straight lines, but the back is all zig zaggy, so it can stretch with your fabric. Fold over the edges 1/2" and pin into place. I usually just eyeball these sorts of things. Sew away, around all 4 sides (5 yards takes a long time to sew), and you are done.

 is the tutorial I used to learn how to wrap it.

*hot dog style means length-wise, the long way. Did your elementary school teacher teach you this? Hot dog style and hamburger style?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Austin laughed for the first time yesterday. A full-fledged-no-doubt-about-it-belly-laugh. 
He had just woken up for the day, and was all smiles. He was grinning really big, and had his tongue sticking out, which made me laugh. Then he followed suit. He started laughing. I was laughing. He kept laughing. We were laughing at each other's laughs!
It lasted a whole 5 seconds, maybe. Then he stopped, and just smiled.
I've been trying ever since to make him laugh again. Making silly sounds, funny faces. He isn't buying it. 

I can't wait until he laughs all the time. Remember when he started smiling?
We watched some youtube videos at a friend's house the other day, they made me laugh. Watch them and laugh, here and here.

One to Three Months

Friday, October 12, 2012

3 Months


This post is mostly for record's sake. It may be boring to you, but I will be glad I wrote this when I look back 5, 10, 20 years from now.

Austin talks all the time. Except when there are people, he is a little shy ronnie. Or maybe it is that he is just modest; he doesn't like to show off his tricks and skills to strangers. He can kind of copy some sounds. Yesterday it was the sound "Bbbuuooo".

He is a ham. If he makes a noise, and you laugh, he will keep going; louder and higher.

He likes to be chewing/sucking on something at all times. binkie, his lower lip (notice the second picture), fingers, fists, toys, burp cloths, swaddles, your face (yes it has happened), anything he can get in that little mouth of his. 

He is sleeping from about 9:30 pm to 4:30 am every night. then till 7 or 8 am again. He is a pretty good alarm clock. Occasionally he will sleep from 9:30-7, those nights I wake up pretty uncomfortably (if you know what I mean....). He falls asleep on his own, in his crib, or any other place pretty much as long as you swaddle him and set him down. He rarely falls asleep in my arms any more, unless I walk around and put a binkie in his mouth.

His hair is getting LONG! It kind of lays down on top now, but the sides and back are getting a little ratty. He still has a little bit of cradle cap, but it isn't flaking out like it was. 

He is starting to drool constantly, here come the days of bibs. He is going to be freezing in the winter months, with his face always wet. 

I have heard him laugh only once or twice. I hope he starts laughing at things soon. 

He is starting to notice things around him more. When wearing pajamas with dogs on the feet, I catch him staring at his feet; it's cute. He has started watching the TV.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Life Lately

...according to Aaron's iPhone.

 1. double chinning it / 2. two furry friends and a sweat suit / 3. Rexburg to Provo car ride / 4. a firm grasp on the binkie / 
5. Sammy's Rock the Block show in Rexburg / 6. Finger sucker / 
7. sleeping through a Fictionist concert? yes, it can be done. / 8. Babywearing at the farmer's market / 
9. diaper changes can be fun / 10. mommy loves him! / 11. picking a movie for the night / 12. einstein baby