Tuesday, January 3, 2012

This is us

We are the Andersons. Aaron and Melissa.

Here's our story. We were married in August of last year, after dating for 2 years. Both of us are attending school, at Brigham Young University; Me, studying Public Health, and Aaron studying Psychology. I will graduate in April (this last semester is just fun classes! Sewing, Ceramics, Zumba, etc... you know, all the classes that you wished you could take but couldn't fit into your schedule) and Aaron should be done in about a year. We currently live in Provo, Utah and love the fact that it isn't snowing right now. Aaron plays the drums in his band, Fictionist, which recently got signed to the major label, Atlantic Records. We just started teaching the 3 year olds at church together; they are a handful. We like going on drives without destinations, taking photos (though they are rarely of each other, or of us together), watching movies, and spend a lot of time in our kitchen. He likes to cook, I like to bake.

We make a pretty good pair.

Welcome to our blog.

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