Monday, January 16, 2012

Washington DC and New York

For Thanksgiving, we went down to DC and New York and visited some of our favorite people, Spencer and Taylor Harrison. They were kind enough to show us all of the sites, and even came up to New York with us for the weekend, before Taylor left on a photography expedition in Antarctica (cool, right!). Get ready for another photo overload...
We flew into NY, and took a bus down to DC. We arrived at Union Station with lots and lots of rain.

We came in on Tuesday morning, and pretty much slept the entire day. On Wednesday we all went to the Holocaust Museum, and spent almost the entire day there. Thursday, before all of the Thanksgiving Festivities began, we headed to the American History Museum.

 The Original Muppets

Friday, Aaron and I set out on the Subway system by ourselves (we may or may not have taken a few wrong trains and gone the complete opposite way), to check out the National Archives and the Air and Space Museum.

 Later, we met up with Spencer and Taylor at the Portrait Gallery, which was one of my favorite places we visited.

Our lovely tour guides/hosts 

We walked all around town, and saw the White House...

the World War II Memorial....

The National Monument...

Good ol' Abe Lincoln...

Then we took a taxi to Georgetown to have dinner. We ended up eating at Moby Dick's Kabob House, haha.

Saturday morning, all four of us hopped onto a bus and made the trip to New York again. We spent the day at the Metropolitain Museum, taking turns riding in a wheelchair (that is the way to do museums!), and then Taylor headed to the airport for her flight to Chile. I took a nap, and the boys went exploring, bringing back some pizza for dinner. {sorry, no pictures}
Sunday, we went to church, enjoyed sunday school with Glenn Beck, and then ate some much needed food at the infamous Shake Shack. They were some pretty yummy burgers. After a short nap, we explored the city together, venturing into old churches, down Wall street, into Tiffany's just for fun, and down to the Brooklyn Bridge. On our way back, we saw "Occupy Wall Street", saw the New York City LDS temple, and tried going to see the 9/11 memorial, but found out when we got there that you had to have reservations. We had dinner with some of Aaron's friends, Allison and Lorraine, and walked back to our place through Central Park; it is beautiful at night.

 Oh, these goofy guys are fun to explore with

Monday, we spent walking. Everywhere. We both agree now that it is the best way to see New York. Much better than the smelly, crowded metro. We ate pizza and bagels, walked through Central Park, and just kept walking. We found ourselves in Times Square, and got some cheap tickets to the Broadway Show, The Phantom of the Opera.

the only proof we have that we went, because of the MEAN usher lady 

On Tuesday, we went down to Battery Park, saw the Statue of Liberty across the way, and made our way up to 5th Avenue, the shopping district. All we really considered buying there was an umbrella though, because it was pouring. Poor Aaron didn't have a waterproof jacket either. We toughed it out though, and made it back to our place just in time to grab our luggage and head to the airport.