Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I think we have mice.

Actually, I'm pretty positive that we do.
Of course, they had to show up right when Aaron left. I've been avoiding our kitchen towel drawer ever since I saw little poops in there. I keep my feet off of the ground at all times possible, and make sure to wear shoes. Always.

Anyway, this evening I found a bag of saltines with a hole the size of two quarters, with the saltines eaten from it. "Not my saltines. Not in my house," I thought. So, I decided to go on a mouse hunt, searching our bedroom to make sure they weren't in there and planning on cuddling up to me when I went to bed. Right after I turned on the light and start looking around...... BUZZZZZZZZZZZ.

My phone vibrates in my pocket.
It scared the living crap outta me!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Producers and Publishers

Aaron and the band headed down to sunny LA yesterday to meet with a bunch of producers and publishers. They are going to try and decide who they will work with on this next album. Aaron told me that some of the producers they are meeting with have worked with Adele, Mika, the Dave Matthews Band, Katy Perry, and John Mayor. In fact, John Mayor was at one of the studios today that they visited!

Anyway, while Aaron is off doing really cool and fun things, I have to stay here in Provo, in the cold, going to school and work. It's a pretty lame deal. But... for Valentines day, us girls have a fun night planned. Dinner, the Vow, and Dessert. We like to treat ourselves when our men leave. AND,  I get to watch the baby move my belly from the inside, and eat apple crisp fresh from the oven. I mean, who needs fun road trips with your best friends, meeting rockstars, and sunny weather, right? ... Right?

Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm in that awkward stage. You know, when your normal clothes don't fit, but the maternity ones are still too big.

I tried wearing some of the maternity pants this week, but they weren't quite working out. Every time I would stand up, they had found some way to slide down, requiring some sort of sly (because not everybody has been told that I am pregnant) maneuver to pull them up once again.

Come June and July though, I bet I'll be wishing this was the worst of my problems.