Tuesday, June 19, 2012

36.5 Weeks

Jillian and I drove up to Washington to visit the family and see new baby Ellie. We spent a week and a half up there. My husband is the best for letting me go, on a moments notice, leaving him at home all alone. I honestly decided to go on this trip 30 minutes before I left. The first thing Aaron told me when I told him I had decided to go was, "Don't have our baby while you're gone." The drive was long, but definitely worth it.

We did a bunch of stuff while there:
Held Ellie and Brin
Celebrated Jackson's 4th birthday, with a pirate party
Played Legos
Watched Mulan 5 times
Made bumpers and crib sheets for our boy
Rachel made an adorable quilt for us
Sudoku challenges
Celebrated father's day
and much more

We stopped in Idaho Falls on our way back to Utah, and stayed with the Smith family; they are great. We got to go to Bridger's farewell, before he left for Africa for two years. Also, some Auto Cross went down. Christopher and Jillian got to ride with the drivers on the course.

I had a doctor's appointment on monday. Everything looks good. I'm dilated to 2 cm already, but our doctor says that he will probably still come around the due date.

I've been working on painting the crib this week. The nursery is coming together slowly. I will post some pictures when we finish.

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